Northampton Memorial Co.

Frequently Asked Questions

We here at Northampton Memorial Co. understand that this process is far from easy. You probably have questions about this all, and we are here to provide you with answers. Here are a few frequently asked questions answered by our funeral director. Not seeing your question listed? Get in touch with us via our contact page and we can provide you with an answer. 

Why should I buy a memorial if my loved one was cremated?

People still want a place to go to remember and memorialize their loved ones. This is why we provide memorials for both in ground cremation burials as well as above ground inurnments.

Why should I consider buying a memorial in advance?

You pick what you like, not what someone else picks for you. The cost of memorials rises every year. By buying now you will avoid paying a higher cost in the future. The most important reason is emotion. When you and your spouse are both alive no one is upset, unlike when one spouse makes a purchase after the other has passed on.

Why should I deal with Northampton Memorial Company instead of a funeral director or cemetery sales person?

When you deal with us, our hands touch your loved one’s memorial from start to finish. We take delivery of your memorial when it arrives from the quarry and are involved in the engraving and delivery of the finished memorial to the cemetery. We do this to ensure everything is perfect. A salesperson only takes your order. They never touch your memorial, which is why we take a more personal approach.

Must I wait a certain length of time after burial to purchase a memorial?

No. A memorial can be placed on a grave as soon as burial has been completed. Production of a memorial can take several weeks. The grave can be prepared during the production time so when the memorial is finished it can be delivered.